My attention was recently brought to a headline “Britain is subject of 1000 cyberattacks every hour”. It clearly was trying to grab readers attention about the scale of the problem.

But here is my question for you to reflect upon.

What would it say about the state of our country, or any other nation state, if it weren’t under cyberattack at all? Is “1000 attacks an hour” a metric for measuring our popularity? Is it the KPI of our economic and social prosperity in the global information economy? Should we be envious of others who report attacks in the multitudes of our measly figures?

If we saw the figures drop could it be said that our national cybersecurity strategy was working? Or could it be possible that what we’re seeing is our sliding standing within the global economy and our unattractiveness as potential targets for cybercrime and both friendly and unfriendly states intelligence services?

So. What’s worse. What’s more worrying? That we are being attacked 100 times per hour or that we are only being attacked 1000 times per hour?

Over to you.