Welcome to one of my internet tenancies. Here you’ll find me musing about risks and opportunities relating to  information security, information assurance and IT security management.

Our economic and social prosperity, whether as sovereign states, private enterprises or individual citizens is closely linked to our participation in the digital information economy. A decision not to participate does not mean a lack of prosperity, but a lack of an opportunity to leverage the benefits that the digital economy can provide.

However such advances, opportunities or change invariably introduces new or increased levels of risk. This is the cost of progress. Private enterprise may to want to understand the risk to strategic and operational objectives. What impact will these risks have on profit and loss, balance sheets & business leaders reputations. Government will want to understand its effect on the day to day business of government but just as importantly its role in providing a stable and safe state able to not only participate in the information economy but more importantly prosper.

I provide this insight to government and private enterprise.