What I do:

Private Enterprise & Corporate

I help executive management understand information security risks to their strategic and operational objectives. I achieve this through mentoring, coaching, workshops and standalone risk assessments.

I provide insight into opportunities and challenges with regards to information security management. I achieve this through workshops, discussions groups & seminars.

I support enterprises to implement enterprise wide information security & information assurance strategies, standards and projects. I do this utilising my team of consultants.

I assess business partners and internal information security practices to ensure they comply with internal policy, international security standards such as ISO27001 and compliance obligations. I do this through audits.


I help assess the risk to national states of failing to have a clear and cohesive cybersecurity strategy for central, regional and local government, key national infrastructure, private enterprise and the citizen.

Cyber Security, information security, information assurance policy debate, planning and implementation. I do this through attending workshops and seminars as a contributor and bespoke consultancy projects.

I help stimulate and generate innovative ways of implementing and funding cyber security initiatives through workshops, seminars and bespoke consultancy.

I provide thought leadership on the relationship between a national state’s economic and social prosperity in the global information economy and their information security and assurance strategy through presentations, talks and workshops.

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