Following yesterday’s blog, in which I asked the question about the potential impact of the governments decision to pull the plug on all internet traffic, it’s re-assuring to see that my observations have been confirmed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) .

The BBC report, which can be found here, says that the OECD has calculated that the decision to flick the switch on internet traffic is likely to have cost the country dearly and, as importantly, damaged it’s reputation and therefore attractiveness to investors and customers of private business operating from Egypt.

The OECD is reported as saying that the government clampdown on internet services may have cost the Egyptian economy as much as $18m (£11m) a day or $90m in total and that “The impact of the communications block could be even greater, as it would be “much more difficult in the future to attract foreign companies and assure them that the networks will remain reliable”.

Why is an information security specialist commenting on this? Read yesterday’s blog post here.

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