The business case for investing in the implementation of ISO27001 is more often than not “customer demands”. As a consultant who has advised Boards on the business case, for both ISO27001 and it’s predecessor BS17799, I can confirm that every one of the projects I have managed or supported to implement has been driven because of customer pressure.

Over the past 2 years I have contacted many recently ISO27001 certified businesses and spoken to many consultants who support organisations to implement this standard. My findings make dismal reading for those who promote ISO27001 as a market differentiator and a tool for helping to secure business. The reasons are simple enough to understand and can be simply addressed if obtaining a ROI on your investment is your usual business model.

I have developed a process combining my experience, skills and studies in information security, business development and training with 12 years of risk assessment data conducted across all industry sectors and company profiles. This process aims to leverage a investment in ISO27001 to drive and deliver measureable benefits across your business development strategy.

Here is our first quote covering Stage 1 of the process:

“We were certified to ISO27001 over a year ago, but realised that we’d never leveraged it to win new business. We’ve appointed Bruce Hallas because we need the inside track on what drives information security decisions within organisations. They understand how a standard like ISO27001 is the perfect tool to meet a business’s needs for managing information security risk when outsourcing services. Using this knowledge they have developed a demonstrable and bullet-proof approach to implementing a strategy to communicate more effectively with these businesses.”

Steve Lodge, Managing Director, Oxygen Creative Agency Ltd

Want to Know More?

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