After 12 years of herculean effort, to achieve Olympics medals, 2 UK athlete’s lose what symbolises their ability and achievement whilst partying the night away in a public bar in London. They’re clearly distressed, as anyone would be, having lost what they have invested so much into obtaining.

However I did find myself asking what they were doing with something as precious as an Olympics medal tucked away in a blazer stashed somewhere, they weren’t quite sure where, in full public access, in a bar somewhere in the early hours of the morning in central London.

This human tendency to knowingly take risks with things which have such great value, whether they be Olympic medals or information assets, on a personal, organisational or even state level is what keeps information security professionals on their toes, worried and fed, and, all at the same time.

I hope that the medals are returned to their rightful owners and that the loss of their jackets will be all that this story comes to. Hopefully, like many organisations who suffer information security breaches, the athlete will learn to be more considerate and less assuming of the need to protect such valuable items and the effectiveness of the measures they’ve put in place to secure them.