Coronation Street, one of the longest running TV soaps in the UK, and one of the strongest brands within the ITV portfolio, is approaching its 50th anniversary. Filming starts today on a storyline developed to mark the anniversary. It involves a tram crash, a viaduct, the death of several characters and the destruction of some buildings.

ITV and the producers are keen to keep the lid on any additional leaks of information about the exact story line. This makes sense. Whilst it is quite possible that the information leaked so far is part of a well planned PR campaign to secure interest and coverage , ITV and the producers recognize the risk from releasing too much information.

With an understanding of the information security risks ITV has implemented additional controls over and beyond those usually in place. William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow is quoted as saying “We’re actually being given scripts with just our own parts in it”. The actors are also receiving their scripts days  rather than weeks in advance of filming.  This sounds very much to me like a tightening of their access control policy.

I suspect that all of the actors and anyone involved  have also received some gentle reminder about confidentiality and NDA’s within their contracts. Not that they probably need reminding. However during interviews both actors, playing Ken Barlow and Ciaran McCarthy, make it clear that secrecy is important.  Again here I see reflections of information security controls. Just what are people allowed to say about their work? Especially when they are part of a PR campaign but have access to very sensitive data.

On a final note ITV have engaged a special effects business to help create “the biggest, most spectacular episodes”.  Now I wonder what assurances they have given to ITV about confidentiality? Have they stuck to the traditional NDA’s and terms and conditions? Or have they assessed the risk and realized the weaknesses in these traditional controls and the need for more thorough evidence of the management of information security risks within the special effects organisation?